Sign digitally - secure, fast and inexpensive

There is no reason for you to waste paper, money and time anymore!


DIN A4 pages are printed out by an employee on average per day


are incurred per employee and year in paper-based systems


costs the average loss of an analog document

0 %

higher time expenditure due to analog signatures

What our customers say

Why safe?

  • Legally secure signatures with simple electronic signature (EES), advanced electronic signature (FES) and qualified electronic signature (QES)
  • Data protection compliant
  • All data on ISO-certified servers in Germany
  • Written form requirement according to §126a BGB

Why fast?

  • Digital business processes
  • Sign where and when you want
  • Click instead of mail

Why cheap?

  • No printing and postage costs
  • Resource-efficient and sustainable
  • Efficient solution for your business

How does TrustSigner compare?

Pay-per-use signatures

Instead of volume licenses, you pay only for the signatures you use. The simple electronic signature is even free of charge.

Legally binding signature

With the qualified signature you are equal to the required handwritten signature. It is already available for purchase in our free plan.

Seats for business licenses

Not every account needs all features. You can upgrade selected accounts with dynamic licenses.

DSGVO compliant

US-based providers are not able to comply with the GDPR. We respect all the rights and values of EU-based companies.

APIs and integrations

Start a signature process from Word or Google Docs. You can also use your API to interact with us.