A fair business model with no overhead

Two components combined for your demand


Companies and teams are dynamic and not all employees need paid features. Our seat based model allows you to purchase licences that are not bound to one specific account and can be reassigned anytime.


A pay per use approach with no limitation or minimum purchase. Because nobody knows how much you have to sign in the coming weeks. You can use any type of signature.

Manage the seats for your organizazion

Pay monthly, change or cancel anytime


For people who just want to sign as cheap as possible




For people who just want to sign as cheap as possible


per seat/month

excl. VAT

Highlights: all of Free, plus


For people who just want to sign as cheap as possible

Let's talk

Highlights: all of Business, plus





Simple electronic signature (SES)
Advanced electronic signature (AES)
Qualified electronic signature (QES)
Remote signature
International legal validity
Invitation to sign by e-mail
Delegate signature request
Multiple Inputfields
Send finished document to all recipients
See all pending documents in the dashboard
Real-time tracking of workflow
Audit Log
Send finished document to all recipients
Set deadlines
See all finished documents in the dashboard
Auto reminders
Different roles in signature process

Coordinate and integrate

Create organization
Login via LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft
Define rules in organization
Word, Google Docs Add-on
Billing event overview
OIDC, SAML login
Verification via Mail instead of phone number for AES


Add personal messages to signature request
Signature block
Change language
Add tags to documents
Company branding
Deletion periods

Service and Support

Technical Support
Mail and Help Center
Mail and Help Center
Mail, Help Center, Phone, Chat
Onboarding support
On request
Credit card
Credit card

Most common questions for licences

You don't need a payment method to perform simple electronic signature. But in the case you want to use advanced or qualified signatures a payment method is required in the free plan.

Each account is able to test all business features for 30 days.

After the trial period the account will be downgraded to free if no business licence was purchased.

No, there is no limitation how many accounts can be grouped inside one organization.

No, you are buying a specific amount of business licenses where each one can be added to any account in your organization. You can add or remove a licence any time, the changes will apply immediately.

You can change it any time, it does not matter if you increase or decrease the amount.

When you increase the value during the month, we will charge based on the left days of the month (you increase the value by one on the 10th, we will charge 2,66€).

If you decrease the value at any time, we will not credit the money.

Pay for the signature you need

Use different levels for each document


Perfect for signing documents with low liability risk.




Adds protection for documents without formal requirements.


per signature

excl. VAT

Highlights: all of Simple, plus


Fulfills legal form requirements with a high liability risk.


per signature

excl. VAT

Highlights: all of Advanced, plus

Costs per identification:

Most common questions for signatutes

The person who starts the workflow has to pay for all signatures and identifications.

Our FAQ about signatures will give you some information to choose the best level for your document.

Before a person is able to perform a qualified electronic signature, he/she has to be identified via a certified procedure. The identification is bound to the mobile phone number and is valid for at least two years.